Our firm has represented clients in the full range of Commercial Real Estate transactions, including the acquisition and sale of office buildings, industrial properties, warehouses, apartment buildings, shopping centers, and single-purpose facilities. We advise our clients concerning matters that arise from the ownership of Commercial Real Estate, as well as from corporate acquisitions, dispositions and reorganizations that involve the acquisition of shares of corporations owning Real Estate interests. We handle complex transactions, from negotiating and drafting purchase agreements and performing due diligence investigations into property ownership and title matters, to negotiating and settling loan transactions related to acquisitions. We understand the regulatory requirements involved in such matters and can advise on disclosure requirements. We also have extensive experience in ensuring compliance with applicable legislation governing the sale of Real Estate where disclosure statements are required for such sales.

Financing and Mortgages

We have extensive experience providing financing guidance on Real Estate acquisition and development. Our lawyers have good working relationships with all major Financial Institutions. We have advised on loan structures and negotiating and settling financing documents from both the borrower’s and lender’s points of view. Defaults and foreclosures are unavoidable elements of Real Estate finance, and we have advised lenders on mortgage remedies and security enforcement alternatives to help them maximize debt recovery.


We advise banks, trust companies, life insurance companies and other lenders in all relevant matters, including powers of sale, foreclosure, possession and receiverships. We counsel lenders on minimizing risk and exposure while maximizing return.- Steve Mattoo